SEVEN PLAST is specialized in:

A-The manufacture of P.V.C.granules for the following end uses:

1-Rigid compounds for:

a-Pressure Pipes
b-Decorative Profiles/Shutters
c-Pipe Fittings

2-Soft P.V.C compounds for:
a-Foot Wear
b-Opaque, transparent, and crystal hoses & tubes.
c-Sheetings and insulating electrical cables
d-Floor tiles
e-All types of joints, gaskets and profiles
B-The manufacture of colorant granules (Masterbatches) for:
a-L.D.P.E. (Low Density Polyethene)
b-H.D.P.E. (High Density Polyethene)
c-P.V.C. (Polyviny Chloride)
d-P.S. (Polystyrene)
f-P.P (Polypropylene)
g-D/C (Dry Colors for all above as powder form)